“Hot Men Want You to Touch Your Boobs this October”



Rethink Breast Cancer Introduces “Your Man Reminder” App – Delivering a Little TLC (Touch. Look. Check.) for Early Detection

Ontario, Canada- September 22, 2011- In celebration of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and its10 year anniversary, Rethink Breast Cancer announced today its plans to release Your Man Reminder, an innovative early detection App for iPhone and Android which uses hot men to remind women to target their breast health. Rethink partnered with creative agency john st. to create the free App which is the latest groundbreaking early detection campaign from Rethink, which launched the viral sensation Save the Boobs for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2009.

The App features a hot man for all tastes in its offering of six dream men ranging from the “Boy Next Door” to “Sports Jock” to the “Business Man”.  Once you’ve selected the man of your dreams, Your Man will pop up on your smartphone and remind you regularly to show your breasts some TLC (Touch. Look. Check.)

Get Your Man Reminder on the App Store this October, with features like:

  • Customize- Update the App to fit your personal liking, with features that let you chose your man, his pose and more.

  • Hot Messages- You’ll love the attention your man gives to you, with messages like “Any guy would be lucky to have you” and “Give your breasts some TLC.”

  • Reminders- Tailor your calendar schedule with settings for weekly, monthly or surprise reminders directed by a sexy man of your choice.

  • Education- The App includes a special “signs and symptoms” tab to hone in on the importance of early detection.

  • Get Checked- Use a variety of scheduling options such as doctors’ appointments and many more.

Also, Your Man Reminder’s Facebook sharing capabilities will allow users to proudly announce when they’ve taken their breasts into their own hands and which sexy man from the App motivated them to check.  This will help remind the other women to stay on top of their breast health.

“Young women are busy and often need a reminder to show their breasts some TLC” said MJ DeCoteau, Executive Director, Rethink Breast Cancer. “Being aware of what your breasts regularly look and feel like is the key to early detection and what better way to remind you to check yourself than a friendly nudge from a hot guy.”

In 2006, Rethink launched a TLC campaign in Canada to encourage women to be breast aware.  The campaign asks women to Touch their breasts to feel for anything unusual, Look for changes and be aware of shape and texture, and Check anything unusual with a physician. For more information about Your Man Reminder and the TLC campaign, please visit www.rethinkbreastcancer.com

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About Rethink Breast Cancer

Rethink Breast Cancer is a charity helping young people who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer through innovative breast cancer education, research and support programs. Rethink is a national volunteer driven registered charity with a bold, enterprising and entrepreneurial approach. We are thinking differently about how to beat breast cancer. For more information on Rethink Breast Cancer, visit www.rethinkbreastcancer.com

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