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.: Gendersided: Did a clothing choice cost Elizabeth a job?:.

This afternoon, my Twitter was ignited in conversation about this photo from @AlanaBennett:     The state of job opportunities for females in coding or IT is abysmal.  Take a peek at this infographic by       The numbers tell one fraction of the story. As a former Director of H.R. and Recruiting,…

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.: GoodHire :. Bad Encryption

{*Updated 2/4* by GoodHire Corporate. See bottom.} In today’s day of constant data breaches, any H.R. or recruiting professional needs to take extra time ensuring that a candidate or potential hire’s information is safe and secure. A friend,  recently informed me that they were going to use GoodHire for a background check after an offer…

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{Off The Clock} The confusing reality of being exempt in the Millennial world….

I had an interesting conversation with a friend tonight. We discussed job expectations and they expressed their concern that no matter what they gave, it wouldn’t be enough at the office. I found it perplexing that most Millennials do not understand the concept of personal and professional branding. More importantly, some Millennials do not understand…

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