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.: MyWatch :. AT&T’s Moto 360

I remember 2011’s CES well- the feeling that anything was possible and that I was witnessing a series of technological miracles. From the birth, rise and adaptation of 3D printing to the beginnings of wearable tech, I didn’t realize how far we’d come. When AT&T’s team reached out just a few short weeks ago, to…

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.: NueVue Case :.

  I met NueVue at Showstoppers during #CES2014 and loved the idea since I couldn’t carry around my handy iPhone cleaning spray everywhere, I had an alternative that was also, antibacterial. I did a test against plain rubbing alcohol and was surprised at how many fingerprints and marks came out. Knowing it was also wiped…

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.: GirlmeetsGadgets :. Welcome!

In a rush of inspiration at CES 2014, I realized how difficult it would be to start doing reviews and giveaways on GirlmeetsGeek, if nothing for the main issue that I’ve been very specific about my content and editorial direction. This year, with me writing for 4 other outlets at the show and doing on-air…

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