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  1. April 13, 2019{The Aftermath} Black Mold 2019
  2. October 3, 2017(Let Him Go.)
  3. August 22, 2017Game Theory
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.:Ruthless: Not giving it all away for free:.

“It is our responsibility as leaders to pull talent up with us. We need to always be sending the elevator back down. However, valuing my own time doesn’t make me a ‘bitch.’ It makes me an effective leader and a good example for other women.” – Kate Downing Khaled  I’ve been filling up every moment…

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.: Look. See. Feel. :. Only then can I understand…

I’ve always hated the emotions I felt when I’ve seen a roadside monument. The plastic flowers and wooden cross have always symbolized someone’s loss to me. I didn’t feel an attachment because I haven’t known the individual or the circumstances in which they died. I’ve been so comfortable as I drive by and look away,…

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.: Guest Post :. Erik Hillesheim on MPACT

As I’ve become more involved with the entrepreneur community I’ve come to realize there are many different types of entrepreneurs – all with their own specialties. There are tech people, products people, service people, and another group that’d I’d more specifically like to focus on. Towards the end of the year I stumbled across MPACT…

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.: IYogi :. Was the $15 voucher you never received really worth it?

I have advertising fatigue. It hit me especially hard in my spam filter and my Facebook feed. I’m sick of meaningless advertising where the call to action is regrettable, or forgettable at best. When I saw the advertisement from iYogi in my feed that explained for signing up, I’d get a $15 Amazon voucher, I…

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