I’m going to admit something that I’ve been feeling for quite a while. It’s a feeling that seems to impair my ability to keep my eyes fully focused instead of rolling backwards into their sockets. God, it’s all become so boring. 

I have fatigue. It’s not just content fatigue, nor is it crowdfunding fatigue. I have a social media fatigue and an email marketing fatigue. I won’t even get started on what happens to my face when I notice a brand that has just given up- they’ve become comfortable in predictability. Whether it’s their social posts or email marketing, I’m seeing so much NOISE in my feed. I’m seeing so very little true connection. Do you know when I feel most connected? In the quiet contemplation of my life- I feel genuinely webbed with myself, my emotion and my actions. I rarely feel connected to brands or organizations anymore. Why?

It happened at around 6:20 this evening. Here I was, finishing the day’s (fourth? fifth?) hot tea as I took sips in-between answering work emails and relishing a quiet house. I’ve been running on caffeine and leftover Easter candy lately, trying to fit all the reading, all the funding and all the content into my life. Tonight, everything exploded everywhere as I looked at it and thought a million different things- mostly, that in the rush to do and be, see and achieve, I missed my quiet the most.

The shares I see now are human interest stories and suddenly I understand why: We are positively aching to have a shared experience. We’ve become so busy using tools to connect that we haven’t actually asked, “but is this helpful to you? Is this what you want to hear or read?” I find myself doing that with my children too. “Look at this! See that? Want this?” I rarely take time to ask… and then the all-important- listen.

I told my peers today, that I didn’t want our team to write weekly blogs anymore- that I wanted to instead focus on giving gifts- actual gifts. I wanted each one of us to ask, if what we were putting out in the world was truly of substance- was it a gift… would it MATTER? If it didn’t, I wanted us to be okay with shared silence.

Imagine that– could we be okay, with silence? Knowing that the next piece of information would be worth the wait? Could a brand post 3 times a week instead of 5? Could weekly blogs be a 2x a month focus, with longer-form writing and video? What if content moved from bite-sized to full-meal? What might happen then?

I think we’d be full, instead of bored and starving. I think we’d feel more connected and act on our feelings. I honesty think it would help. Do you?