Having a website that receives thousands if not millions of unique visitors each and every month can be a very rewarding feeling both for the business and the developer themselves. However, while some elements of an online presence can generate revenue for the site owners based on increased traffic with regards to affiliation links, click-through rates and CPM (cost per mille) if your company provides a service, has an online catalogue or a saleable product then being able to convert these visitors into paying customers can be crucial.


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Optimization is an on-going process when it comes to website development and more often than not it’s a case of trial and error to best optimize your site, the code, the design, layout and navigational areas that will best aid that all important conversion rate. Using A/B site testing software and other online assistance provided by the likes of Google, you can keep a close eye on any changes you make to best see if the alterations are actually helping or hindering your site.

Euro Palace for example is a popular online casino and a site that has implemented an easy to use navigational system in order for visitors and players to get around and be able to find and begin playing their favourite casino games a lot faster. Thanks to their marketing promotions, such as their Exclusive Limited Time offers, it has helped drive traffic to their site and more importantly convert these new arrivals into new paying members looking to take advantage of welcome bonuses and other special offers.

Another good practice for developers to get in the habit of is being able to create attractive and noticeable call-to-action buttons. Guiding users to a point where they can sign-up, buy or join as a member is vitally important and being able to correctly steer your visitors in the right direction using something as simple as a little button design optimisation and well-thought out navigation and page hierarchy go a long way in helping to achieve this.

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For gaming sites in particular it is very important to be able to convert visits into members and so where best its imperative that you try not to put off a potential customer with long and endless sign-up forms to fill-in and use special pre-filled information to help speed up the process even further.

Online users are constantly seeking convenience and the ability to carry out tasks quickly and effortlessly. Bombarding them with endless text and overly complicated ways in which to get around your site can alienate many users and lose you potential customers. It’s important to see your site from an outside perspective and the golden rule is to test, test and test again.


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