Know what I can’t stand? The moment something happens, marketing somehow seems to have a compulsive need to MAKE IT ABOUT MARKETING. Take for instance, this tone-deaf blog post from earlier this week:

Chief Disruption Officer: David Bowie (1947-2016)

As marketers, it’s our job to create action between brands and human beings. But, it’s not our job to take any current event and mutilate it to fit a marketing voice. There’s no need to paint wide-brush altruism’s about how we all should be more like a Bowie, (or god forbid, a Jobs.) We’ve gotten so comfortable in the current formula that we’re really not evolving- we’re re-living.

The world is grey. Is there a lesson in death or tragedy? I believe so. Perhaps there’s a proper mourning period to some before finding relevance between an individual’s personal tragedy and personal branding, but I’m not sure I even know that answer. However, I do think this is a clear example of the rush for content and it’s re-defining the world of marketing into a speedway, instead of a scenic, iconic drive.

“Comparisons and poorly-executed blog posts that strive to be timely over being respectful, revolutionary, or relevant do more to harm our industry than to lift it higher. “

Struggling to be first, is ruining our industry and it has been for some time. The noise is deafening as some professionals believe that re-igniting almost decades-old discussions around personal branding still have relevance. In 2014, I felt the exact same way- we haven’t moved the needle because as much as we’re telling everyone else what to do, we aren’t taking the advice for ourselves.

“ This is what I don’t understand. If we’re innovators, why haven’t we innovated past 2009? We’re here to partake in the feast, but bring nothing to the table. And, it’s finally happened. I can remember back to Livejournal and discussing gaining new fans and getting, “book deals.” That was at least 15 years ago.

Let’s not use a personal tragedy for likes, shares or hits. Let’s be better by finding new ways to draw comparisons and teach how the industry is moving forward. THAT would be revolutionary.