If I’m trying to answer some of life’s deepest questions, or find meaning in things like invoicing or late-night editing, I’ll often break for a Kennedy Center Honors YouTube Marathon. Usually 20 minutes, I watch some of the greatest musicians of our time, celebrate one another with voice and instrument and tears. It’s very rare we get to the end of a program, where the original performer isn’t crying, watching his or her music become even more immortalized with the brilliance of a peer. In the midst of tonight’s 5-hour edit-a-thon, I watched one of my favorites. Bruce Springsteen sings Sting’s, “I Hung My Head,” with his beautiful squint, and melodic chant. 14:10, had me rethinking life in its entirety.

The life I’m leading: Will someone sing my song with such passion that conviction burns from their eyes? At 14:11, Bruce’s smolder had me choking back tears. Because this to me… is truly living.

I need a reminder every so often why I’m here. I think we all do.