In early summer, I received a Moto 360 from AT&T. It’s been on my radar to get back and dig deeper into the watch from an earlier review. I re-paired the watch with my phone this morning and updated it for the last 2 months. A few reminders come to mind: It’s still experiencing a heat issue, (though, for  my cold hands it’s a bit refreshing at the moment.) And, I can’t believe I didn’t wear this on my wrist last week while I was traveling. (Duh! Imagine how much easier that would have been while walking through the airport.)



On a second look, what do I still love? This watch is a mirror of my cell phone and allows me to be hands-free to clean toddler messes, rock out client projects and overall just be more efficient. One thing strikes me: I wasn’t using the watch to its full capability before. That is going to change!

After making sure the right apps were installed, I peeked more into what my Moto 360 could really do. But first… I had to make a promise: Would I wear it and use it exclusively… for an entire week- keeping my cell in my bag, unless needed? The answer is YES. So, I’ll be updating Twitter and FB about the battery life and more. Let’s stay in touch!

Here we go!

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