Damn Yankees - Ordway



Every once and a while, I can make a preview into my schedule. The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in St Paul, Minn. has been entirely kind in allowing me to attend shows in the 2015 season and I’ve been entirely awestruck by the passion and well… heart- of its performers. Todd O’Dowd, Minneapolis legend himself, also did a review and it’s located here. It’s a must-read. And frankly, it puts anything I could possibly write to shame. Because Todd knows his Broadway- but I got a hug from him on the way out the door!

When the opportunity arose to enjoy the Damn Yankees late last week, I couldn’t resist because I remembered many of the songs from old days spent in high school and college. But Damn Yankees wasn’t really on my Broadway playbook- that is, until last week. While not the musical genius of a Sondheim or Lloyd Webber, Adler and Ross create an inspirational melody with just enough silliness to have you smiling as you hum it, 4 days later.

One of my favorite items of the entire production, was the level of detail that the Ordway put into each element of the production. The opening credits were cast member photos superimposed on baseball cards. Ushers wore blue baseball hats.Before the production began, old newspapers on the screen featured snippets about Minneapolis ball players and trivia.

I’m not qualified to speak to the technical prowess of voices, (although I once was almost a musical theater minor,) but I can tell you that the voices, (especially that of Thay Floyd.) Floyd could have hushed my colicky son with one, single note. He was absolutely delightful.

The main point of it all- is to get out and see a show and honor our State’s incredible art scene and the Ordway’s talent for producing phenomenal works of musical art.