Monthly Archives: June 2015

.: It’s Not WHAT You Do. It’s WHY You Do It. :.

  As leaders, it’s our job to inspire and cultivate a culture where big questions linger and cause creative, reflecting thought. I had a moment earlier this week that left me ignited by a million swirling opportunities. I had a sit-down with a few of our newest interns at Ewald Consulting. Being just over 6…

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.: MyWatch :. AT&T’s Moto 360

I remember 2011’s CES well- the feeling that anything was possible and that I was witnessing a series of technological miracles. From the birth, rise and adaptation of 3D printing to the beginnings of wearable tech, I didn’t realize how far we’d come. When AT&T’s team reached out just a few short weeks ago, to…

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.: Intrinsic Genderhood :. Womanhood and Femininity

“It’s hard to feel like woman when the parts that make me the gender I am, have become weapons. My cervix, uterus, tubes and ovaries had to go. My weekly hot-flashes are a brutal reminder of a loss of life’s greatest cycle…” Some are  not really sure what makes a woman, anymore. Is it the…

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