Last night, my computer stopped working. After having a myriad of issues with my ASUS Ultrabook, I knew it was time to look at replacing what has become a note-taker and not an internet machine. I had a busy week ahead with client meetings and a few PR proposals. This wasn’t the week to be without a computer and its reliable connection. In truth, I was freaking out. The total melt-down commenced at 3am when my child woke up with a sick tummy and my daycare let me know they were closed today. On a sidenote: There is a special place in heaven for grandparents who take sick children so parents can work. I’m entirely thankful for back-up plans for my back-up plans. And, back-up people for my back-up people.

I had a list of things to tackle this morning and taking a moment to re-think and prioritize my day was going to give me a few minutes of blessed clarity and productivity. For me to work and multi-task at the speed that I’m used to, I often sit for a few minutes, work and rework my list. I have multiple client meetings and on-site time daily and I need to be able to focus in and be as smart and productive as I can about my time given.

Stopping into Starbucks, I checked my email to see that my order from last night on was cancelled. The store didn’t actually have the computer on-site that was sold to me. And I was actually, in really, really, big trouble.

I looked at my to-do list and lamented about the loss of the day I’ve had if this didn’t get fixed. I was actually going to pick-up my computer in about a half-hour. This couldn’t have come at a worse time!

I called Best Buy’s customer service and waited on hold for almost 30 minutes. I was losing my patience and my perspective. My customer service rep, Keesha, didn’t have any of the answers I was looking for- at first. And I was being put on hold multiple times. I found out that since a large amount of rewards certificates were used on my order, they’d take a few days to re-issue. The red tape of having to find an equally-good computer at the last minute was stressful. I was teetering towards social media rage. But then- Keesha’s voice said, “Thanks for being so patient. I really mean it.”

Customer service reps say that so often. I barely noticed. But, I could hear the genuine feeling in her voice. Suddenly, I realized I was maybe the 50th? call of the day. Maybe I was simply the first. But her insistence that she could help, put me at ease. Within 10 minutes, we had a comparable computer at a great price ordered for store pick-up within a half hour so I wouldn’t miss any of my meetings. If Keesha was in Starbucks, I’d have hugged her. I immediately emailed my contact at Best Buy to send Keesha flowers or cookies. She saved my entire day.

Keesha was a lifesaver this morning. Far too often we go on social to lament or criticize. I immediately jumped on Twitter and Facebook to let them know what an incredible customer service individual she was. (Maybe that’s even the wrong title. She was a day-saver. Rockstar is so overused, don’t you think?) A huge thanks to Best Buy AND Keesha for making today a lot better!

Having a morning like mine? Use my 1-minute stress-list tool.

When I’m feeling most stressed: I often sit- re-prioritize and write a list down. With total cleverness, I call it, “Stress List.” (See that advertising background at work?) With everything written down, I take one minute to tackle each point. 5 points = 5 minutes.

That list seems daunting. But watch this: each point has 3 steps:

1.) Can I work this out today, this week, or within the month? (Then, I schedule time.)

2.) If I can work it out today: What steps do I need to take? (I’ll write down each step.)

3.) I ask myself: Is this really feasible? Will I cause more stress by trying to tackle this now?

After I tackle the points: My list looks significantly different. And so does my outlook. By taking just a few minutes to reprioritize and refocus, I allow my brain to decompress. The kid’s are safe at Grandma’s house. My client meetings will be just fine. My computer is going to be incredible. When I’m able to focus on solutions instead of stress about problems, I’m a better asset to every meeting and every client.