“Her smile is infectious, her drive for helping brands meet their potential is undeniable, her passion for raising awareness about HPV and cervical cancer is fervent…” – BeingGeekChic.com 


I was asked recently by BeingGeekChic to talk about passion, achievements and the wisdom that comes with embracing your inner geek. Below are a few of my favorite soundbytes including a shout-out to Malcolm Reynolds- you hunk, you.

 A huge thanks to BeingGeekChic for the great interview and their work to help other women feel comfortable in whatever label they identify with, geeky, nerdy or just otherwise, awesome.


“Passion it a lot like breathing. It’s a struggle to run a marathon if you aren’t taking air in. And, it’s difficult to live a life of authenticity when you are struggling to find your purpose. If you have to play “hide and seek” to find something to get excited about, then you’re in for the best moment of your life. When we step away from what drains us, we become ready to soak in what the Universe is telling us to do.”


“Cancer will change you, and break you, and kill a part of you and that journey will make you exactly who you are supposed to be.”



“A “geek,” isn’t just about technology, it’s everything in-between that describes a passion so fierce that you just HAVE to share it. I’ve been living my, “geek” life out-loud for a while, officially on the wordpress site since 2007, (and on a Life Journal site before that.)”


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