What I’m about to share with you, will blow your mind, (absolutely no pun intended.) For $75.00, women can have a penis, encrusted in bronze that will cure their leadership woes.

“Sometimes you need that little bit of courage or a reminder that says you are equal.” – Holly Wilson, creator of the bronze penis

The BYDTTT Kickstarter campaign, cleverly titled, “Bring Your Dick To The Table,” explores the reality that women face inside the boardroom and out. But, does it make an unfair situation even more sexist? The beauty of true equality is one does not need to mirror another human being to have the same rights. Though I’m not one to step on most art, or expressionism, this seems strange and off-putting to me. A penis, because we aren’t feeling brave that day?

Holly Wilson, the artist and creator behind BYDTTT felt better simply having the penis in her purse, or pocket. But what I want to know is, how on earth are we equal because we have a penis? Do we need a $75.00 1 and 1/2 inch replica of what the other sex has to dominate in our chosen field or to lead with purpose? Holly thinks so.

Whether in personality, body parts or otherwise,  we shouldn’t need a replica of ANYTHING to be who we were meant to be.  I won’t be buying a bronze penis. Simply because I already have balls. I just carry them a little higher than most men. I’ll skip the bronzing too, that sounds utterly painful.

I however am looking very forward to Holly’s 2015 art tribute to the vagina. You know, for when you have to wash dishes, or make a nice dish for a Church funeral, while pulling gum out of your preschooler’s hair. Let’s face it, even artist sexism isn’t witty, new or truly that interesting. The absolute seriousness behind this however, is.