I Wish I Had Cervical Cancer


“I wish I had Cervical Cancer.” This ad, had me torn up on the inside. I was angry and hurt and stunned that someone would utilize their marketing budget to throw cervical cancer, or any other type of cancer, under the proverbial bus because a sensational headline, will grab the media and illicit reaction. I fell into the trap, but I couldn’t stay silent. My cancer is unlike anyone else’s cancer. It’s my experience, my loss and my own grief. It’s also my struggle and brilliant journey. But it’s mine and it looks different than my survivor sisters, or the women we’ve lost.

Dear Pancreatic Cancer Action,
I wish I didn’t have to lose my cervix. I wish the hot flashes would go away. I wish I could feel sexy and beautiful like I used to. I wish I didn’t miss tampons, sometimes. I wish my ovaries were still safely inside my body instead of inside a medical waste bag. I wish my uterus held the promise of another Daniel or Ava. I wish my fallopian tubes were still connecting my reproductive organs. I wish I had the top of my vagina. I wish sex didn’t hurt now.

But I’m alive, aren’t I? I breathe and create waves and use my voice. But I’m tired. The in-fighting between cancer organizations because of funding or awareness has to end. Because with everything else gone, I’m afraid I’ve also lost my patience.

Please tell Pancreatic Cancer Action that all cancers deserve attention and no cancer is better than the other. Tell them what what it waste it was to spend money on such a hateful campaign that marginalizes other cancer patients, survivors, caretakers and anyone touched by this illness and disease.

In true form, THIS is the reason I’m going for the Bush Fellowship. I want to create a diverse steering committee that supports cervical cancer and is over the fighting, marginalizing and inhumane behavior of some marketing strategies. You can find out more about my Bush Fellowship here.