Tonight, I came home to this and was floored by @SarahShoulak’s nomination. I tend to shy away from any awards, but knowing even one person believes I’ve made a specific difference for women in sexual education and HPV prevention has me beaming. Sarah, thank YOU so much. I know I also emailed, (and texted!) but this nomination meant more than you know. Here’s to creating a world of better educated women (and men) and empowering others to TALK about HPV. I’m currently a finalist for a prestigious Bush Fellowship. When we find our purpose, the universe opens up in amazing and inspiring ways.

For years, Kate-Madonna has inspired men and women alike with her writing and activism. A cervical cancer survivor, Kate began a organization called Been There Rocked That, whose website explains the goal of, “de-mystify the causes of abnormal pap smears, educate the public about their risk for certain types of gynecological cancers and empower every human being to ask better questions of their medical providers.” On a personal level, Kate has counseled women one-on-one about their medical situation, myself included. When I was diagnosed with HPV at 19, I had no idea where to turn. By the age of 22 I needed to undergo a colposcopy to check if it was turning to cancer. Kate was with me every step of the way even though I lived in another state. Her unwavering support of women, both known and unknown to her personally, is not only inspiring but staggering. With a healthy group of Twitter followers and Facebook friends, Kate spends her days informing women of the importance of their sexual health and I think that is why she embodies this Generation Personal Award. Kate-Madonna Hindes not only shares information on Women’s Health issues, she makes it personal.”  - Sarah Shoulak