(Didn't Astound Group do a fantastic job with Jellyfish's CES 2014 booth? It was a feast of candy, except for your iPhone!

(Didn’t Astound Group do a fantastic job with Jellyfish’s CES 2014 booth? It was a feast of candy for my iPhone!)


**Winners Updated Below** Check the comments to see if you won!

Teal is one of my favorite colors, next to black. You can imagine, when Jellyfish approached me at CES this year and handed me a teal bag filled with goodies, I immediately dug in. I’ve never thought much about the style of my electronics, because functionality has been my top priority. But then, they gave my iPhone a makeover and January being Cervical Cancer awareness month, I walked proudly with my iPhone decked out in teal and, (gasp) sparkles! (And I’m not a sparkles girl.) However, I loved the fun look my phone had, while still being protected. My Jellyfish makeover set in teal, retails for $29.99. The case, home button sticker, sparkle earphone plug and screen protector stood up to quite a bit of abuse. The screen protector was removed and added back 3 times, and showed minimal bubbling, (even for amateur hands.) The case fit my iPhone 5 perfectly and the earphone sparkle plug, was an added bonus. The home button sticker was a fun addition as well. I was the envy of my daughter and friends, with the sparkles and color. At 32, I felt more fun than silly.


{c} girlmeetsgeek

{c} girlmeetsgeek


To commemorate the end of cervical cancer awareness month, thanks to Jellyfish, I’m giving away 3 sets of their magnificent home buttons to dress up any iPhone in the gorgeous aqua and a deep purple.

Want to win?  To enter, simply leave a comment below with your favorite color, (or a random fact) and I’ll use the magic and power of random.org to pick 3 separate winners. Buttons will ship out via US mail tomorrow morning.


* I was compensated from Jellyfish for this review in lieu of items to giveaway. As per GMG policy, I do not take monetary compensation for reviews.