In a rush of inspiration at CES 2014, I realized how difficult it would be to start doing reviews and giveaways on GirlmeetsGeek, if nothing for the main issue that I’ve been very specific about my content and editorial direction. This year, with me writing for 4 other outlets at the show and doing on-air interviews for #MommyTechSummit, I decided to seperate off the {GirlmeetsGeek} blog to continue in the direction it always has: Passionate, fair analysis of current issues and my own life. This has allowed me to create: {GirlmeetsGadgets}, a place where I can also fairly review, offer perks, giveaways and other excitement. As with my current policy, there will be no advertisements and items that were given for review will be accurately portrayed to abide by good ethics and current laws. I just purchased and it will redirect here, for a few months, while other exciting things get underway. I’ve been covering CES for national outlets for over 5 years now. I thought it was time I reclaimed a bit of space to devote to technology news, reviews and a few things in-between. Welcome!