I came home from #CES2014 in a self-imposed mad dash to the airport to board and get home to two, very missed children. As I impatiently sat through another taxi line and impatiently wiggled in my assigned middle airplane seat, I tried to digest everything of the past few days.

Who You Should Know: NMX Edition

I flew into Vegas 6 days ago to attend the New Media Expo, (#NMX) to cover their event and network with attendees. The amazing Kenn Blanchard was standing next to me while I boarded the bus to the Rio. I laughed at the name of his show, not only because it was memorable but because instantly, I knew Kenn was one of the GOOD ones. I hesitate on attending social media gatherings or events, simply because I get bored, seeing the same content or watching the same faces congratulate each other on being amazing, social media professionals. I wrote a piece on this just a few days ago. Kenn and I had a discussion I probably couldn’t have experienced otherwise. We lamented about how each industry toted their gurus and how often the BEST in the industry, flew under the radar. I’ve seen Kenn speak and in-action and I hope his presence helps the social media community realize the power of the unknowns. Kenn is the proverbial diamond in the rough, not just because of his skill and passion, but because of his ability to put everyone around him at ease with humility and grace. It’s frankly weird to miss someone you only met for 30 minutes, but I miss the Kenns in the world, we need more of them.

I met Jim Nico from The Social Network Show. Jim sat down next to me as I was figuring out the day’s schedule and immediately, his smile warmed a very strange, isolating room. I spoke to Jim how it always seemed to me, that the truly GOOD people, seemed to stay out of the networking fray. They were the ones thinking at a table, or overlooking notes. By far, those are the people I’ve found the most rare and valuable connections with. Jim’s channel partners, have offered a glimpse into the world of everyone from Harvard professors to Hollywood Reporter. He was another shining spot in the break room.

Tune in for more .:Must Meets:. from this year’s CES show, coming soon!