LinkedIn is an amazing tool to source new relationships and take online networking, offline. However, I’ve noticed the spam is getting a bit overwhelming. Just this week alone, I deleted over 18 messages asking me if I needed a new financial planner, printer and someone even tried to sell me an MLM product. While I appreciate the tenacity of some business development professionals, I’m sick of being treated like a, “lead” and not a human being. If the first time I’m hearing from you is because you need new business, rethink your pitch. I’m not a number.

I treat my LinkedIn network like my home.  When you connect with me, say hello and give me the opportunity to get to KNOW you, first. When If when I open the door, you’re trying to shove brochures in my hand, it might make me close the door quicker than you’d like. In fact, if I feel like your only reason to be on LinkedIn is to earn my business, I’ll most likely remove our connection.

Why? LinkedIn is not just about sourcing new business, it’s about making valuable connections. Have you read about my Rule of Three? Since the dawn of social media, the professionals that GAVE before they received have always come out on top. Remember, social media is a potluck. If you don’t bring your signature dish, you’re not going to capture a captive audience.


.:Here’s a great rule of thumb:.

If you are sending a message to one or more contacts and you are copying and pasting the same text, review your message. It could be considered spam. Believe me, I can tell when my name is simply inserted at the beginning or ending of a message. The quickest way to lose your credibility, is to treat people as sales numbers and not individuals. People trust other’s reviews and word-of-mouth is a powerful tool. Start connecting with me on a meaningful level. You’d be surprised at how happy I am to connect you with your goals.