I walked into a Ulta Beauty after meeting with an esthetician to talk about the gruesome reality my skin had become. She suggested a full-redo of my make-up, (don’t they always,) and I suggested we start with the basics. While glaring at the Dermalogica wall, I looked longingly to what I knew, just on the other side of the store. My early twenties were defined in brown eyeliner and lip gloss. The Maybelline, Covergirl and Ulta brands begged me to stop taking myself so seriously. It dawned on me when I realized, “they want me to spend small amounts of money on lots of things. They want me to try it and then want to try something else. It’s disposable and harmful.” Quality skincare products are much more expensive than their drugstore counterparts. This much, I’m learning.

Shopping local is so difficult, especially with skincare. While I try to participate in the 3/50 Project, I fail miserably. I often have high aspirations to get to Moss Envy in Minneapolis monthly, but sometimes I backslide in not making the time. It’s so much easier to  pick up something from Target during a routine shopping trip. Today, feeling overwhelmed by an entire wall of products, I called the only person who I knew could talk me down in such a situation. Enter, my patron saint of skincare.

Becky Sturm from Stormsister Spatique is someone I admire greatly and has been such an advocate for my health, (inside and outside,) through cancer and the affects of stress on my body. She’s been a cheerleader when we dumped all our household chemicals in 2011 and last year when we cleaned the cabinets of all the boxed or canned foods. Becky has also helped me with a very personal problem of alopecia, always listening so patiently and suggesting products to help minimize my hair loss. It’s no wonder to me, she’s seen such incredible success with her 3waybeauty line. But even moreso, Becky is taking the time to help other women launch their brands and encourage Minnesotans to support local artisans in her HAMMS: Help A Minnesota Maker Succeed events. In other words, Becky is really, really, busy and took time to take my call, which meant the world to me.

Becky has inspired me to read labels and realize that almost every well-known skin care brand, holds some very private secrets. She helped me navigate questions about what companies label the toxins, (they are hardly ever labeled with their real names. Companies can put whatever they’d like on the bottle.)

“Take time to learn about parabens and additives and don’t hesitate to invest in quality products. Also, don’t hesitate to  check the Skin Deep Database to see if my new products have any glaring warnings. When I look back to what I used in my twenties, I often wonder if that had affects on my health.”


.:Thank You, Becky:.

So this, is just a very personal and very heartfelt, “thank you” to someone who always makes time for my calls and questions and to the woman who finally helped me realize I could kick my Cetaphil habit. (It was sincerely touch and go. Becky made it happen.) Amazing lady, I hope you know what a total saint you’ve been to take time to teach me about ingredients and empower others to choose smarter beauty practices. Thank you for being so generous with your talent and time and always suggesting the BEST products. I can’t wait to test my new Stormsister products.  You’re fantastic, end of story.  It’s not often I can use the blog for a raving review, but this one has been such a long time coming. You’re one-of-a-kind!