A friend of mine, Jim Rettew, just launched Barnraisings.  Barnraisings is a crowdfunding (and crowd volunteering) site for Minnesota nonprofits who are trying to fund a specific project for one of their clients. I’m passionate about seeing his vision to success, so I asked him recently, what we all could do to help those in our community through his platform. He responded:

1.     Go to the site.  Kick the tires.  See what you think, and let us know.

2.     Make a small donation - $5, $10, $25.  Go through the process.  See how the numbers add up.

3.     Submit a project of your own.  Are you on a nonprofit board?  Do you work for a nonprofit?  Let your colleagues know about us.  Then they can submit a project and see how people respond.  It’s free, and there is no risk.  If it doesn’t hit its goal, nothing happens.  If it does, you and your clients are funded!

I also asked Jim Rettew why he was so passionate about helping non-profits.  Here’s our Q&A. 

Q. Why do you think crowdsourcing is the way to fund non-profit needs?

A. Donors want a deeper, more meaningful connection to the people their helping.  They want to know who their money is helping and how its making a positive difference in the world.  Barnraisings helps make that one-to-one connection.

Q. The name is unique, where’d it come from?

A. I wanted to capture the spirit of a traditional Amish barn raising where people selflessly come together to help a neighbor in need. The site takes the spirit of an Amish barn raisings, the excitement of Extreme Home Makeover, and the successful fundraising mechanism of Kickstarter to create a new platform for nonprofits to raise money and tell their stories.”

Q. Give me the “why” in one sentence…

A. This has been a labor of love.  If every day, I could just help one more person in need, it would be a day well spent.

Like a good old fashion barn raising, this website is about building community and has a LOT of heart.

You can celebrate the birth of Barnraisings by going to www.Barnraisings.com.

Follow them on Twitter: @Barnraisings

 Visit them on Facebook: Facebook.com/Barnraisings