We have 3,459 pairs of beats that can't be sold because they're unsealed so we are giving them away for free to 3,459 lucky people..</p><br /><br /><br />
<p>Want one? Just share this photo then go here: http://on.fb.me/ZBS4Fu.</p><br /><br /><br />
<p> Good Luck!

Here is the sad truth of the internet: People will always try to scam other people. I’ve seen a tremendous increase in Facebook spam that my friends are clicking. I tell my friends often to research ANY promotion before they click. Unfortunately, many fall into the trap of giving away their precious personal information for nothing.

You’ve seen the Facebook posts stating, “We have 4,232 pairs of headphones/iPads to give away. We accidentally opened the box!” Those are fake, they will always be fake and you should ALWAYS be very careful. This one, looked legit for a newbie: Free Beats By Dre Headphones! 

It passed my intial checklist to investigate further:

  • Decent cover art

  • Timeline more than 48 hours old

  • Links to original website

  • Believable number of fans

However, this? Is a SCAM site, through and through. Want to know why? The REAL Beats site has over 5M fans. And, they’d never give away opened boxes of product. Just think about it, would they risk giving away damaged product? It wouldn’t pass ANY PR department or legal department. Check out the REAL Beats By Dre site here: https://www.facebook.com/beatsbydre

When you click on the link offered by the fake Beats you are brought here.  A pop-up immediately alerts you for “Free Groceries” and  you are asked to take a survey to move ahead. Here’s the truth about surveys: Yes, you can make money taking a few, but you’ll never make a living. And, it’s a great way to give your email  and contact information away for absolutely free to the scum of the internet.  Now your precious information will be kept in a database that SPAMS you. That “survey” also  logs important details, (your IP address) etc.

These “Free iPads/Beats By Dre,” etc, sites are ALL the same. In fact, most are run by 1-2 companies, (NEVER affiliated with the real companies.) Be smart. If a company is running a sweepstakes, it isn’t going to give away a damaged or opened product. And, it certainly wouldn’t go against Facebook’s own Terms of Service to do so.

Be smart. Don’t click. Stay safe.