Are you getting weary of Pink? I’ve been writing about pinkwashing since 2009, when I knew that since I carried the breast cancer gene and had already battled cervical cancer, I was at a great risk. I didn’t want to see pink tennis balls or Komen’s “stamp of approval” on toilet paper. I wanted to see, a cure.

“And that’s what we do- we TOLERATE pink.  We spend more for the golf balls with the pink ribbon, because 10% goes to breast cancer research.  We send yogurt lids in the mail to support breast cancer research when the stamp costs more than the Yoplait will ever donate to research, anyhow.  (Lids for A Cure only donate .10 cents per lid.)  We smile politely when someone mentions how PINK has empowered them.  We cheer on those at Race For The Cure and wonder, “Where IS the cure?”  We don’t really think beyond the bastardized representation of breast cancer anymore….  PINK, do we?”

Cancer is for sale. Every October across the world, PINK springs up in stores and online. Do we need more “awareness” for breast cancer? It’s hard to say. What is clear is that other diseases are sidelined for the sexy appeal of saving women’s breasts.


It’s Not A Fad

All it would take is one person to say, “ENOUGH. Run campaigns that are actually effective, targeting lower-income, older females without insurance.” Pressure those around you to write about a cure, and what the government is doing to prevent drug companies from making money on women’s bodies. For all the women that have lost their battles with cancer, a pair of shoes, or a handbag is a tragic reminder that we all could have done more.


Start Today

Before you invest your dollars into any charity this October, invest your time in finding out if they are merely about spreading awareness and hope, or actually working towards a cure. Forbes released a fantastic article in 2009 about rating a charity:

“Some for-profit fundraisers who call on behalf of charities may keep anywhere from 25 to 95 cents of every dollar they collect.”

By becoming smarter where your donor dollars are going, you set a standard to companies and organizations that you won’t be guilted into supporting a charity that isn’t about providing a cure, but merely padding their own pockets. It’s time we all took notice and used our voices to speak out about Pinkwashing.



Here is a {great document} that offers ways ways to investigate charities and look, “under the hood” of the organizations you support.