Daniel Paul,

It’s been exactly one month since you came into the world and proved to me how incredible life could be. I am a proud mom of the world’s most beautiful little boy. Never could I have imagined that my heart could grow and stretch to love someone as much as I love your sister, but you are showing me the wonderment of life and growth. And, what love and light you bring to everyone around you!

I struggled to find the words to tell you just how special and lovable you truly are. My life’s goal is to make you and your sister never question how important and how sacred your presence is. In one month, I am forever changed.

As you grow, remember that although at this moment you are small, I know there will be greatness ahead. No matter what you choose, I promise to always support you, love you and most of all remind you that because you are mine, you are always perfect, even in your imperfections. You, my beautiful child, are enough-simply because you are YOU.

Welcome to the world my sweet, perfect, boy. I love you so.



Katrina from Studio Laguna Photography captured these amazing images and completely humbled me with her craft.