This is what happy looks like...

I’m not sure what will happen in fifty years. I might be 80 and in perfect health, or I may not be. I reminisced about my life on a short drive home from Rochester this evening and while the sun was peeking through storm clouds to the west, I felt lucky.

I’ve never subscribed to the belief that we must wait for tragedy to occur to suddenly proclaim love for those around us, nor have I ever thought love was strictly reserved for family. I love my friends, (fiercely) and I tell them often. I feel overwhelmed sometimes with those that have journeyed with me.

There are different kinds of love that are so rare that when I experience it, I feel I must make notice. One of my dear friends was married this afternoon. I watched her tearfully proclaim her vows, and cherished the opportunity to see each my college girlfriends. It’s been far too long, and the hugs meant so much.

You know what life is? Life is about knowing that at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, someone is excited to share a moment with you. In return, you are blessed to witness an event in their lives you’ll never forget. More so? I shared the day with my family in the warm sunshine. This is about all I’ll ever need and I feel totally and wholly blessed.