Dear Divas, Princesses or Queens of the World,

Stop calling yourself or your company any term that is associated with “diva,” or “princess,” or even, “queen.” This is especially important when you proudly proclaim you are a diva who started a diva business and you’ve overcome adversity. This is also true if you feature a pink website with sparkles and use words such as, “Go Girls, Go!” Pink doesn’t make us powerful. Sparkles are nothing but an utter annoyance to clean up. Catch-phrases from 90′s girl bands wearing go-go boots, uttering phrases such as: “zig-a-zig-ah,” will only internally-scar those around you. 

The truth is, all of us have battled our own demons and made self-proclaimed “lemonade” in amounts that could hydrate most of Europe. None of us are more special than anyone else simply because we throw a crown on and demand attention. Frankly, the world isn’t here to applaud at what we’ve overcome, that’s our own job and if we are truly authentic, our message resonates with those around us without any glamour, glitz or plastic accessory. That, is the hokey-pokey of life.

When you encourage other women to be, “divas” you simply encourage a myth that crowns make ordinary people better. The truth is, being humble, willing to internally accept your worth and practicing genuine kindness will make you better.  That crown does nothing except provide proof that at any age, you have managed to go back to being 3 years old; stomping your foot and demanding someone hand you a cookie, trophy or media attention. As you can imagine, it only works on other women who feel the need to wear the crown. You’ll see them in circles, self-congratulating each other while wondering even in their lemonade-making achievements, if they truly measure up.

We don’t need crowns, ladies. We need an internal revolution- one that even dares to proclaim without overcoming anything at all, we are just as worthy of love, praise and glory as someone who battled fiercely. Pain is becoming the next million-dollar-yacht and sincerely? I’m over it.