In 2012, I’m you’ll see a bit of change on the website and within Social Media. We’ve gotten to the point online, that everyone has become a speaker, writer. The labels have truly lost their value. In truth, Social Media has become so common, it’s almost silly to call it out specially or claim it to be ‘new media’ any longer.

The truth is: Social Media Is Stagnant because we all needed to be BIG fish.

We all wanted to be viral, and then, nothing was viral, because everything was.

We collected labels as though they were Coach purses.  We were all authors and bloggers, national speakers and journalists. It didn’t matter who had the real credibility, because we all wanted a piece of the pie. I verified my credentials myself and then I truly thought, “does it matter?” I had always wanted to write for the Star Tribune, teach National Government and make a difference. And then? I did. And it mattered, to me and my pride. But suddenly, we are all labels. They have taken over our profiles as if we all had something to prove. I decided to change myself tonight and made a promise to slowly change other bios in the future. What am I?

I’m Kate. To me, that’s perfect.