Dear Mr. Perry,

America wasn’t founded on a platform of Christianity, it was founded on so much more.  We fought for land of freedom to choose any religion and the freedom to ELECT officials that matched our personal beliefs. America was also founded on the right to practice any believe without scrutiny, or conflict. The fact that you call this  video ‘Strong’ just shows how out of touch you truly are.

Do you know what truth strength is? It’s standing up for the underdog and not bullying those different from yourself. Your speech of hatred and intolerance isn’t welcome in my ears or in my home. In fact, I flagged your video for “hatred and abuse,” under the category, “sexual orientation.”

America can’t be everything to everyone, but we should realize that our outdated beliefs of  intolerance against the LGBT community are this generation’s civil war. Just 60 years ago, politicians tried to actually tell voters that African Americans were less than their white counterparts. Some listened to those in office, too ignorant to think for themselves. Strength, is marching down Capitol Hill and fighting for rights for each and every individual, regardless of creed, race, color or sexual orientation.

I don’t identify with Republican or Democrat, Libertarian or any other label that I’ve been told I have to select. I identify with the beliefs I am trying to teach my daughter and those are steadfast in my home. Those ‘gays in the military,’ you speak of, have unselfishly and proudly fought for our rights without thanks or recognition. For someone who claims to want an ‘ideal’ image, I wonder how your children can look you in the face after you spew such ignorance, disrespect and hatred.

Someday, the war on personal freedom and the right to marry won’t be a war at all. We are truly no more advanced of a country if we fail to recognize the most basic of rights from our brothers and sisters. You didn’t allow comments on your video. If you did, you might have seen that there are over 109 thousand DISLIKES to almost 3 thousand LIKES.  Some may call you a coward for hiding behind a flag you know nothing about, but I just call you someone who will never wake from a very harmful mentality. Enjoy your coma while we evolve you spineless, horrible, man.

And for anyone that claims it’s just his ‘campaign speech?’ Look again. Every hateful remark like this, puts a crack in our country. If we continue this cycle of denying those amongst us rights and recognition, we will quickly be un-repairable. No amount of glue can fix Perry’s broken mindset, but we can speak out and change the future. It’s time.