I had all but pressed, “Publish Immediately,” on a hard-hitting piece about plagiarism and integrity when for some inexplicable reason my finger closed the window. I stood up and walked over to my kitchen. That post had been weeks in the making.

Quotes from a well-known lawyer, a wealth of knowledge and insight from a friend and mentor, @MikeEllsworth filled over 6 paragraphs of wordy goodness. I had even thrown in some evidence of what I’ve been slowly classifying as a few attempts from people ‘borrowing’ my content. The journalist in me wanted to uncover the truth, but something held me back, I blamed the stress of an incredibly busy work week and a sinus infection.

I turned my attention then to Arianna Huffington’s book, “On Becoming Fearless,” which has occupied a lot of my free time with page folding and highlighting. I noticed a quote that hadn’t jumped out at me during my first time through. Suddenly, it glared at me as if to say, “You are, simply because you are.”

“Do not pretend that people become great by doing great things. They do great things because they are great, if the great things come along. But they are great just the same when the great things do not come along.” - GB Shaw

Greatness happens when we remember that no matter the failed attempts or our workload, we are something worth celebrating. It’s simple really, #IAmEnough.