According to a recent YahooNews article: LinkedIn changed the privacy settings, again.  The headline, “LinkedIn opts 100 million users into sharing private information with advertisements,” is very reminiscent of recent Facebook debacles.

With these 4, easy steps, you can change your settings and secure your brand from being used without permission. Sign into LinkedIn and come back to this screen as I’ve put short-cuts in for you to opt-out of each of the settings. Ready?


Advertising: (These links are located under the “Settings” –> “Account” Tab):

  • Social Advertising: Click HERE.  LinkedIn wants to sell your face and data for social advertising, without paying you. If you prefer to keep your personal brand to yourself, that link will opt you out of their new social advertising. LinkedIn explains it like this, “your name/photo may show up in related ads shown to LinkedIn members. By providing social context, we make it easy for our members to learn about products and services that the LinkedIn network is interacting with.”

  • Enhanced Advertising: Click HERE. LinkedIn wants to sell your information to their partners. They state, “This collection of partner sites is called the LinkedIn Audience Network. Advertisements shown to you on the LinkedIn Audience Network are selected based on non-personally identifiable information from your LinkedIn profile.Advertisers are only allowed to target segments of LinkedIn members, based on categories such as Industry, Job Function, and Seniority. For example, advertisers may choose to target advertisements to LinkedIn members who work in the Textiles industry. If you work in the Textiles industry and visit a site on the LinkedIn Audience Network, you may be shown that advertisement instead of other advertisements that may be un-targeted and less relevant to you. LinkedIn will not share personally identifiable information to bring you these services.” You’ve now opted-out of that mouthful.

Data Sharing (This link is located under, “Settings” –> “Groups Companies and Applications” Tab):

  • Turning off 3rd Party Data Sharing: Click HERE. If you like junk emails and offers, you can leave this checked. Otherwise, protect your inbox and information by opting out.

Research (These links are located under, “Settings” –> “Email Preferences” Tab):

  • Invitation to participate in Research: Click HERE. Of course you’d love to help make LinkedIn better, but wouldn’t you like the option, first? They’ve been gracious enough to opt you IN, first. LinkedIn states, “LinkedIn periodically invites users to participate in market research studies. Users are identified based on non-personal information such as title, company size or region. Participation is 100% voluntary and personal information is not revealed.” To save yourself the hassle, opt out.

Please Remember: We don’t own the platform. Once we sign up, give it our information it OWNS us. We need to be aware of what we are giving away to be a part of a network. Check your settings frequently and make sure you know what you’re signing up for online, first.