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I tried desperately to focus on the presentation due tomorrow or the kitchen table with the junk mail piled to the point of no return, but all I could think of were vessels, unmanned and uncharted. I don’t know what happened with my mind to cause this preoccupation, but I do know that somewhere, it means something.

Sometimes in relationships- business or otherwise, we feel like we’re the vessel ourselves. We are to pick up or drop off and carry precious cargo safely from shore to shore. We could even be sails that puff with the wind and stand firm and allow for speed and agility. Some of us are oars, used only to steer and tossed back in, fulfilling a hard obligation. Responsibility weighs heavily on our shoulders to complete the task or finish the journey. I never found success in those tasks.

It was then I realized that I didn’t want to be the boat, or the sails, or the oar. I want to be the ocean with its currents, power and depth; a culmination of infinite wisdom and grace. I can guide your path and teach you the ability to row or steer, no matter the storm above. I can give you a place to sail, but only if you leave the harbor. And in return, I will allow myself to simply be, to focus on the art of allowing currents to run through me and temperatures to change.

This isn’t your place to stand still. I am here to move you.