Ever heard of the guy who was angry at the manufacturer of his Bugaboo stroller over the price of a replacement part? He just… printed his own. Getting ripped off? You, too can go to Shapeaways to get a replica part made for a FRACTION of the manufacturers’ retail price. 3-D printing came straight to the masses with the ability for anyone with a design to print what they wanted. Jewelry, plastics, you name it. Will this halt the development of new products overseas? Maybe not. But, it does make getting beta products for start-up funding a lot easier.

Not buying it? Watch this video….


What have people already made?





It’s not often I immediately go, “WOW,” and then, “WHOA…” Could 3-D printing inhibit huge copyright issues? What happens when anyone can print their own design? Is Shapeways liable for paying damages for lost sales? If nothing else, maybe this will finally give a boost to our own manufacturing instead of going overseas. I can’t wait until CES to see where this is all going. My only question is… what happens when a part for the 3-D printer breaks.

Want your own Micro 3-D Printer? This one is expected to significantly drop in price over the next year and will fit in your hand. Or, buy the ThingOMatic for a mere $1300.00. If that doesn’t get your geek heart going, nothing will. Viva La Futura!