Tonight, I witnessed history as the Minnesota Legislature voted on gay marriage.  In truth, we call it ‘gay marriage,’ but it’s so much more than simply marriage.  This bill holds rights for our fellow human beings in it’s hands.  Tonight, the GOP party in Minnesota proved it’s utter hatred and bigotry.  The vote was 70-62.  Before the vote, Bradlee Dean, (a well-known anti LGBT speaker,) was invited to say a prayer. It’s strange that with a separation between Church and State that the GOP would choose this.

My daughter is currently sleeping in her bed.  I hope someday, I’ll never have to explain to her that there are RULES to who she can marry. The sad fact of the matter is, for some parents, this is a reality.  Imagine telling your child, “You don’t get to have the same rights as me because you love someone that offends the government.”  Imagine seeing your child’s face and knowing that there is NOTHING you can do.

What hurts the most is the amount of people I heard CHEERING for the MN Legislature to crush this bill. I know by their reactions, THEY were the ones who felt crushed. This bill wasn’t demolished tonight.  There must be a very, good, reason.  Revolutions happen because people stand up against the intolerance, bigotry and utter ignorance of others. This is your warning, Minnesota:  We’re starting a revolution. Myself and the #NoH8MN crew are the creators of something incredible.  Minnesota isn’t allowed to H8, anymore.