I routinely get forwards from people who don’t consider the implications of sending something that is both sexist and insensitive to a cancer survivor. This was by far the worst thing I had ever seen. I took a few minutes at my desk in tears and decided to call it as I saw it: A woman would never take the time to put crap like this together.  And she’d never include Looney Tunes or try to make it political AND sexist.  This is neither witty, nor even remotely funny.

You can see the forward here: http://yougottobekidding.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/miss-airport-calendar-2011/


If that wasn’t already disrespectful enough, it ended with this, almost as if to say, “We can one-up whatever you’re feeling.”


It’s not often I am so worked up by an email, but this one came from a friend of mine whose father saw his wife battle with cancer. I actually forwarded it onto my dad, cc’ing the original person who sent it to me.  I included, “You think this is funny? Tell my father. He’s seen both his wife and daughter battle cancer and insurance. Let’s see what he has to say.”

It’s one thing to objectify women and it’s another to take that objectification to another level and try to make light of the fact that MOST women can’t afford cancer care.  Maybe it’s because I see women everyday who are harmed by this type of mentality- the idea that, ‘we’re just joking.’  Whoever made this forward should be ashamed.  Think it’s funny? Spend a visit with me when I go into the doctor and know that NONE of my cancer visits are covered, because big Insurance considers it a pre-existing condition.  When you have to choose between your health and food on the table, then you won’t find it so, ‘hilarious.’  Think it’s still funny? I’m happy to get you my recent pap results. You might think twice before forwarding this on.