It was dinnertime.  The baked ham was sitting on top of the oven as I scooped the potatoes onto Ava’s dish.  While meditating over whether or not I was missing out on something someone else had, my daughter demanded more of what was on my plate.  I contemplated hoarding my stockpile of food for a moment until I looked at her face and she whispered, “please.”  Each time I grabbed a potato, one fell off my fork.  I tried and tried to get one big scoop so I didn’t have to go back a few times.  I was unsuccessful and it showed in my face.  My daughter looked at me and she said something of quiet, five-year-old, brilliance: “Mom, take your time.”

I am, mostly.  There are moments, however when I long for what’s one someone else’s plate.  And why wouldn’t I? I’m human to my core and when I see something mouthwatering and decadent, I struggle in not racing to take a bite. Staying focused to my own goals is the best thing I can do for myself and the reminder to stop filling my fork at once and start enjoying each mouthful is something I’m revisiting everyday.  Sometimes, I’m in such a hurry to get the next bite, I forget to savor what I have.

Here’s to allowing something to settle into our mouths, with it’s full and robust flavor.  Here’s to making moments last longer than humanely possible in a world where everyone is trained to be faster than the speed of light.  Here’s to learning to achieve what I want,  but not at the timeline of anyone but myself.

Bon Appetit.

(@MassDistraction, this one’s for you.)  Your ability to SHINE and create such an incredible future for your kiddo inspires me daily.