Dear John Kline,

You’re my representative.  But you, voted against me and my daughter.  What did you vote for?  You voted to cut Federal Funding to Planned Parenthood and your vote could cost millions of women their health and my daughter, her mother.

You probably weren’t thinking about women’s health, though.  You were thinking about BABIES.  The babies that Planned Parenthood helped abort over the years, and your religious and moral beliefs over rode your actual brain cells and you didn’t realize:  Without women’s health care, there can be NO BABIES. This is where the Planned Parenthood debate goes awry.  Because my body, is not your body.  Should I tell you to how to care for your sperm?  Why do you feel that you can tell me how to care for my eggs?   We live in a society where we are sexually stimulated, but females are punished for the thought of acting out in human response.  Planned Parenthood takes away the chaste perception of the idealistic world and offers instead intelligent, educational, materials to keep both men and women informed about healthy and safe, sexual lifestyles.

I don’t know what it is about the female body that pushes everyone into a panic.  In another universe, I’m sure the public doesn’t treat female parts as warzones,  to be oogled, pillaged and then, denied of basic care.  John Kline, you didn’t  SUPPORT the Healthcare Affordability and Accessibility Act, (HR 3200). More importantly, you don’t support me.

If you’re worried about the budget, look at the numbers of how much unplanned pregnancies are costing our nation everyday.  Why my rights as a woman and a mother are not taken into account is one of the many reasons I shook my head at the recent pro-life marches in Washington DC.

For every $1 spent on publicly provided family planning services, $4.02 are saved.  (

But this, at least to me, isn’t about unplanned pregnancies.  It’s about my right to have one, last, chance at affordable health care taken away.  Without Planned Parenthood, I can’t afford Cervical Care check-ups, CT Scans, and pap smears.  I can’t afford my body.  Am I supposed to adopt it out to someone else who can?  (This is how we treat low-income pregnant women.)   Am I not worth affordable coverage while my insurance company, (HealthPartners,) enjoys their loophole?  Without care, my ability to be a mother and living individual is in jeopardy.

Maybe you stood for your own beliefs, but you could leave my daughter without a mother.  Is that the decision you wanted to make?

Kate-Madonna Hindes

Please take action:  Contact Planned Parenthood and tell them you support their goal of giving ALL women access to affordable birth control and health care.