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Amongst other words? Vindicated comes to mind.  Cannot wait to see how this rolls at #CES.


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Everyone talks about how standing up for your beliefs takes a moment of courageous decision.  Our history books are filled with incredible heroes and heroines who refused to be a part of the status quo, or subject themselves to mistreatment.  They’ve revolted against countries, leaders, injustice and companies.  Their inability to watch as others were silenced is what makes them stand out.

In today’s day and age, when companies take for granted who pads the pockets of their shareholders and adds the zeros to the end of the large bonus checks,. (exactly like the ones for Robert Dodson,)  they ultimately lose.  I’ve been a Tmobile customer for longer than I’ve had my five year old daughter, or my job.  I had Tmobile before I battled cancer, received my first national speaking gig and bought my second car.  In all reality, they’ve came with me as my life grew and changed.  And that’s why perhaps, it’s been so difficult to think that a company that I supported, (with more than an estimated $5k,) would treat me this way.  I’m no different than the face of anyone of your customers.  I pay almost $100 a month for wireless and data service with a smartphone that had become as joined to my hipbone as my skin, itself.

Maybe it’s unabashedly-proclaimed hope that all things can end well if people do RIGHT.  For two weeks, and over Christmas, I fought with TMobile to restore service they took away at no fault of my own.  Service I had paid for, service I was guaranteed, until one day, I received a message that I was being throttled.  Except, I had not used my internet.  On December 8th, 2010 I unboxed an HD7 Windows Phone.  Freshly ordered with upgrade shipping, this was the FIFTH replacement device for a faulty string of MyTouch3g’s that I had been blessed with.  Something was off the moment I turned my HD7 on.  It refreshed itself each second.  My email alerts would go from 148 to 2, to 233.  Often while I was actually clicking on the mail to open it, my phone would crash.  I called, I complained and eventually they apologized again and offered to send me a G2.  But not before notifying me on December 23rd, (two days before Christmas,) I would no longer have internet on my account.  (Read backstory here.)  I tweeted, a lot.  I thought that if I reached out and said, “Something Is Seriously Wrong,” that someone- would care enough to listen. I was wrong.

I have spoken to over twenty customer service professionals, managers and technicians over the past 2 weeks.  I have received two calls from senior management, including one from Regina.  Regina, a national manager for T-mobile, (Badge ID: 3828853,) explained, “Typically we wouldn’t even try to fix this.  Because of the situation, we have tried everything, remotely possible in our system.  We even have our highest manager in the call center on this. We understand the need to go to the other company but remember that other companies have limitsI can’t apologize enough.

Some have been more sincere than others.  Yesterday I was told Tmobile was sorry, and then explained that they felt I was, ‘scamming’ their system.  I tweeted about being called, “ridiculous,” and a, “scammer” :

Kate-Madonna Hindes @fantasticmomma Funny Story: I asked Tmobile if I could have been hacked, the supervisor told me, “You’re being ridiculous now.” girlmeetsgeek Kate-Madonna Hindes

Kate-Madonna Hindes I’ve just been told, “This service isn’t for you to use all of it so other’s cant.” …. I was told I was ‘scamming’ the system  girlmeetsgeek Kate-Madonna Hindes

Kate-Madonna Hindes “There’s nothing that indicates this is OUR problem.” … They just said that.  girlmeetsgeek Kate-Madonna Hindes


I’ve been called worse, but not by a company that I have been with for over 5 years.  I tried to really think tonight, who I might expect being treated like this from.  I couldn’t pinpoint one person who would happily cause such chaos in someone’s work, financial and personal life.  I have lost HOURS of work productivity.  I have lost ENORMOUS amounts of pay.  I’ve even lost, (and gained,) a few twitter followers.  Some people, stood up for me, when Tmobile refused to listen.  Hundreds of people started dming me and emailing me and tweeting at me.  For that, I’m thankful.

Staci Perry Making new mobile provider & phone decision tmrrw. Because of bullshit @girlmeetsgeek is dealing with @Tmobile, guess where I’m NOT going? RandomSweets Staci Perry

Jo Z Dear Twitterverse: Please tell @TMobile to stop effing with @girlmeetsgeek and just FIX THE ISSUE already. MinnesotaJoY Jo Z

It all comes down to this:  Tmobile sent me a faulty phone.  Blamed me for it’s usage, then throttled my account.  I can no longer sync folders.  I’m missing half my contacts and I might actually throw the phone at the wall if one more customer retention specialist tells me how darn, ‘sorry’ they are.  Justin, a client retention specialist, (badge #1220782,) said it best.  ”If I had the power, I’d fix it immediately.

Tonight, I was offered a solution.  My hopes came up for the last time as I was told the only solution was for me to buy an additional phone, (without an upgrade credit, because I had used my upgrade credit already,) and use TWO phones at CES.  Additionally, I would have to add a line of service and pay for both up front to be reimbursed after I returned the phone and cancelled the contract.  Yes, taking more of my hard-earned money was THEIR solution.  I sat in silence for a while with my fingertips on the keyboard wondering how they had the audacity to ask me to buy another device and open another line.  I asked a simple question to the representative on the phone line.  ”Would you stay with Tmobile?”  Her response was, “I’m not supposed to say this, but I would email and mail our Customer Service Division.”  As a rule, anytime ANY company’s customer service rep starts a sentence with, “I’m not supposed to say this,” I know that’s EXACTLY what they’ve been trained to say.  Like all along, this amazing treatment I was getting was preferential, and luxurious.  Like maybe in another universe bad treatment actually meant the company cared so this meant, they loved me.  I asked for the address and the email.  She refused to give me a specific email address to the customer relations department, explaining that they don’t give out their internal email addresses.  Which is strange, because I have a few of them.

In hindsight: I should have actually thrown in the towel 2 weeks ago.  I should have realized that this company and relationship just wouldn’t come through in the end.  What I didn’t realize?  Was the overwhelming urge I had to stand up for those that didn’t want to fight and say, “ENOUGH.”  At 8:35pm, Tmobile recommended I exit my contract.  They stated they were ‘happy’ to make sure I wasn’t charged an ‘early termination fee,’ and that I could move to a service that would, ‘better fit my needs.’  None of this has been my fault.  I have been patient, and often- too kind.  So this, is for you, mobile warriors: Countless hours, ridiculous 11pm phone calls and tired fingers.  The best part was: I hadn’t used the data they were throttling me for.  This was their fault and they refused to take ANY steps to fix it.  I asked several times why no one was given the ability to rectify their own company’s error.  I was simply told, “we don’t know.”

So, Tmobile?  Never, ever, doubt that one woman from Minnesota can make a difference.  To borrow a line from their competitor because your own promise of, “STICK TOGETHER,” was poorly executed:

Can You Hear Me Now?  … Good.

Articles of those experiencing the same syncing issues: Related to the HD7 and WIFI signal. (Exactly the problem I was experiencing.)  If this is a known issue, why isn’t Tmobile or Microsoft stepping up and apologizing?  How can EVERYONE’S HD7 phone be a ‘lemon?’

Data Connection Issues:

http://forums.t-mobile.com/t5/HTC-HD7/Return-HTC-HD7-T-Mobile-Support-Fail/m-p/635969 (Same issues)


http://forums.t-mobile.com/t5/HTC-HD7/No-Data-Connection-with-HD7/m-p/587507 (Same problems I experienced.)


Known Syncing Issues: Specifically with Google, (the archnemesis of Microsoft)