Grace. It whispers it’s presence softly as a reminder of how a single choice can alter a relationship, situation or our own selves.  Grace reminds me to be thoughtful and present in each moment, (though sometimes my mind is elsewhere.)

Ava and Mommy

Thankfulness. The feeling that washes over me each time I flip through my storybook and see the changes, and the beauty of all the faces that have entered my life this past year.  I’m thankful for experiences that left me gasping for breath and moments of uncertainty.  In truth, I’m thankful for the opportunity to express exactly how I feel in words.   This song had an entirely different meaning to me 2 years ago.  I heard it, loved it and instantly claimed it for some moment in the future.  This is for all the ones that got away…..

Thank you for believing in me, as I believe in you.  It’s meant a lot.  Happy,  Happy, Thanksgiving.