It all started in May.  A staff member of Public Affairs from Washington D.C. called me and asked if I would be interested in a new media director position in the Capital Office working with the Whitehouse, Administration and Public Affairs in the National Service department.  That phone call will remain the highlight of my career.  Today, I received a call that the other individual was chosen.  Can you imagine being up against the best in the country?  Nerve-wracking, extremely stressful and ultimately:  Incredible!  I thought heavily and remained hopeful for three months.  When I hung up the phone,  a series of scattered emotions went through my mind.  Was I disappointed? (Sure.)  Did I feel I had a lot to offer?  (Definetly.)  The one thing I wasn’t, was anything but elated to have been given the chance.  I told my contact, “This will remain the highlight of my career, thank you for considering me.”  The best part was, I truly meant it. Being chosen to be a candidate, then chosen to make it to the next level was amazing.

To be honest:  When you realize that you’ve made an impact and others have noticed?  Sometimes, that simple recognition propels you forward.

I’m proud of our Administration.  Proud that we are sourcing candidates via Social Media and incredibly honored to say I was able to interview with some of the most brilliant minds in the nation to lead our country towards a mindshift in volunteerism and giving.  The impressions we make, truly matter.  Everyone has something to offer.