“In DELIVERING HAPPINESS, Tony reveals the secret to his success at such a young age: leadership in culture and happiness.”
—Lance Armstrong

I was incredibly pleased when UPS delivered an envelope containing no other than Zappos.com’s brand new book: Delivering Happiness.  The best part?  It doesn’t even come out for another 23 days.

The Book:

Tony Hsieh joined Zappos as an advisor and eventually became CEO through his guiding principles of: Customer Service First, Always.  He grew Zappos.com into Fortune Magazine’s top 25 companies to work for.  This book tells readers the story behind his success, great business lessons he gained from lemonade stands to a pizza business and beyond.  As a firm believer in Zappos policies and infrastructure, I’m pleased to read the advanced copy and learn about the PASSION behind the brand.  An incredible fit with GirlmeetsGeek’s own mission!

“Ultimately he shows how using happiness as a framework can produce profits, passion and purpose in both business and life.”Delivering Happiness, 2010

The Contest:

Want to win your very own advanced copy, plus the opportunity to guest blog your review on GirlmeetsGeek?   All you have to do is tweet @girlmeetsgeek why you should win a chance to review, and write-about the much, anticipated copy of the book.  All I ask for is an honest tweet, and honest review.   Once you’ve tweeted? Leave me a comment on the site and let me know.  Winners will be drawnMonday, May 17th and winner will be notified via Twitter.   It’s as easy as that: Tweet, Comment and WIN!

Find Out More about the book:  http://www.deliveringhappinessbook.com/

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