Who would give a law to lovers?  Love is unto itself a higher law.  ~Boethius

Love, at any level- is something absolutely breathtaking to watch unfold.  There are glances, stolen kisses and talks that go for hours.  On a deeper level: trust resides with dependence and respect to form a place for everything to grow upwards.  I see no fault in love in each of it’s different types- because of the short time we’re given to find another being to resonate with.  So many of us want to put love, or what we feel should happen into a box- out of fear or misunderstanding.  We can do no good wrapped up in cardboard, or glued shut.

I’m a glutton for photography blogs and I’ve followed @mkfiasco for quite some time, (even after she called me out on my #Lost-spoiler tweets.) :)

What she has captured here should be cherished, respected and acknowledged.  You can see the excitement and grace in both women’s eyes.  I feel blessed to have gotten a ‘glimpse’ into an incredibly private moment.  One photo in particular has me tearing up and wondering why we spend our moments fighting what others are so trying to find.  True love is perfect in whichever way it comes.

I had another blog on deck for tonight, but felt so strongly this had to be shared.  I would love to post the pictures, but I think you need to go to her blog and hear the story, and see the photos for yourself. I can’t find fault in such grace.

Glimpses Of Soul Photography