The tone of this piece is priceless

Liz Jones is a ‘columnist’ for the UK Mail Online. She’s pretentious, ignorant and every other justifiable adjective when I realized her ‘beauty regimen’ was about $1600 a month. (Just in treatments.)

“Here, being poor can not only be isolating and almost impossible to escape from, it can be a sentence to a slow, lonely death.”

No, Sweetheart- that’s when you just lose sight of what’s really important. The fact that she spoke that quote paragraphs under stating she had dogs, 17 cats and a ‘bat sanctuary’ angers me.  The thing that struck me most in this article? She was only ‘poor’ for a week. And? In that week she found it necessary to pawn a gift from her father, and bash him because the gift wasn’t up to her standards, even after telling the story that her parents used to starve themselves so she could eat.

It’s actually tragic that this is journalism in England. It’s not an opinion piece as much as an entire slap in the face to the rest of the world and a reminder of a woman with ’17 cats’ and a ‘bat sanctuary’ that needs a desperate reality check.

If you’d like to check out a wonderful piece about building a life on minimum wage: I strongly suggest Morgan Spurlocks’ piece.