I climbed up to the podium this morning after exactly two cups of coffee and enough internal pep talks to cause fervor in a room full of skeptics. I spoke and the words that came out of my mouth resonated from a deeper place than what faced me on the PowerPoint screen.

I saw it instantaneously- the smile or the nods like sparks lit up the room from each person, who at different intervals understood their own power. The Twittersphere exploded and there I was with an audience and a tiny piece of my dream became reality.  I was prepared for a few uncomfortable chair shifts- or the eye rolls- but I wasn’t prepared for the hugs, or having to clear my voicemail inbox twice- because we were all sick of our fear and living in the ‘has beens,’ so we picked up the phone and said, “I need you.”

The truth is? I needed you too. The hugs after the presentation, or a good friend who came up to help with the audio or the words you all spoke- filled me. I’ve been given the opportunity to share a map to which I don’t know the ending- but I do know, is that it’s in my power to light a candle until you find your switch plate.

In the meantime- promise me you’ll tell others what I told you, and perhaps sooner than we think? The mindshift can begin.