I didn’t even realize it until I looked at the clock on my laptop and it read, “11:28″ on October 26th, 2009.

As my fingers touched each key my nose twitched then the familiar sting hit my eyes and soon- I was sitting as a statue with my left pinky pointed in the air as everything rolled down my cheeks and onto the front of my comforter as I snuggled closer into the blue and brown fabric.

This year has been a gift- the defining moments of chaos and anger made me fight harder for the serene moments of bliss that now have built a city in a dark pasture.

First of all: I didn’t get engaged.

Secondly: An entire year in my own place, under my own rules is enough to make any dumpee proud.

Thirdly: I did it on my own damn terms.

I told myself last year that if I could make a year on my own- I would have changed the world. The world is changed- my own little universe inside and outside of this home. I feel like I honestly- have won the game of life. I know that it’s quite strange to sit and cry about how exciting it is to finally feel like a success story- but in all honesty:

I do.

These are mere moments in life- and to know that on October 26th, 2008- I sat in my house crying tears of a different sort and filled with so many questions of where life would go, baffles me. This past year has filled me with patience and determination like I’ve never known.

Some goals mean only something to the woman typing them. To another year of my gorgeous daughter, my incredible job and friends that I couldn’t imagine my life without.

Undeniably blessed, and in awe. ;)