Dear Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and everyone else capitalizing, (but not incorpoating working elements into my addiction, aka: Twitter,)

Honestly? You have a downtime of like 50%. If my morning isn’t greeted with a #FailWhale, I wonder if I’m still asleep. Yes, it’s a free service- but it’s not free to the people that use it for their business and while it offers more than it offends? The reliability is slowly creeping to, “Need to find another way to get this information out.”

People have been complaining for a year. You think with all the revenue, (interviews, books, ads?) You could invest in servers that don’t crash every morning, lunch or evening around 5-9pm. In fact: Maybe it’s time to take Google’s example. Free services: You can rely on.

When you update us every few days that ‘Twitter might be running slow,’ or that, ‘the timelines are a half-hour behind,’ what you are doing? Is offering a faulty product from the get-go. Because we all like ‘half-hour’ old news, right?

I’m putting you on notice. I’ll find another service that mimics what you do- (though not as cutesy or well-known,) and I’ll invest my time, media and advertising into that. Because unless you do something… quickly? The #Failwhale will be a permanent fixture in everyone’s heads.

It’s not innovative, if it doesn’t work.

-the girl.