Soul Pancake recently uploaded the question, What 5 things would make up your soul’s last meal?

Here are mine:

1. The largest snuggle session with Ava. We’re talking, snuggles- tickles, (so I could hear her adorable laugh,) and complete silence while I sat with her cheek close to my cheek. That? Is mommy crack.

2. The following in my MP3 Player: Alexi Murdoch, Van Morrison, Death Cab for Cutie, Counting Crows, The entire romeo and juliet, (2005,) instrumental cd by Nellee Hooper, Simon and Garfunkel and the witty quips I’ve overheard my dad say over the years.

3. I would GORGE on: Mom’s Pot Roast and a hot fudge malt. (With her lemon cake for dessert.)

4. Packaged Smells: Icicles, Burning Leaves, Dove Soap,  Birthday Cake and Newly-Bathed Ava- which is exactly what a smile smells like.

5. One last blog. I have a secret wish to know the moment of my death so I could jump on here and tell everyone how much I love ‘um. (Awww.) I’d want one last time to spell out everything, and convince everyone that yes… I really was that nuts.