I’m putting Gates and Ballmer on notice.

Not only have I seen the Microsoft I’ve come to loathe over these past 15 years pummel farther and farther down the rabbit hole of forced ‘Innovation,’ I’ve seen it completely abandon hope of retaining the market it once had. It’s a lazy ballet dancer at an audition for Juliard’s prestigious dancing school- relying solely on a name and a few good steps. The passion, is gone.

Microsoft is General Motors. They are hiding behind their ‘name’ and indulging themselves in the belief that the name holds the true value instead of the action they take with their brand. Our names and pasts mean nothing if we want to be relevant in our fields. If we want to retire- content at what we accomplished? Then by all means we belong at the sideline. If we value our consumer and where we are going? We look before we leap. We see each ray of light as it shines into the prism and not merely blind ourselves with the beauty of the rainbow before us. The moment we stop striving for greatness? Is the moment the window opens to the brands that will eventually overcome us.

Case in point: VISTA. Not only did they release Vista with known bugs, and had to have an immediate service pack issued, we were all warned against installing Vista within the first year for the non-functionality of our PCs. Basically: Vista was a grenade to an otherwise content mash-up of computer-filled vanilla ice cream. (No nuts, not much flavor, but on a hot day? Near perfection.) Now Vista’s ‘ICON FRIENDLY! PRETTY’ applications, (Word, etc,) threaten my sanity with all the shortcuts that are nothing even -close- to shortcuts. They spent years getting a barely computer savvy crowd ignorantly comfortable with layouts and shortcuts to only switch it up and call it progress. Now there are more companies having to re-train their workers because of simple ‘Vista Icon Shortcuts,’ than the companies who stuck with what worked. And honestly: Does the average consumer want to replace their OS every 2 years? The people that want to switch with new technology? Are not usually, (excluding business,) Microsoft people. They are the MacPro people, the iPhone junkies- the techies that don’t need the picturesque icons or a ridiculous search engine name, “Bing!” to satisfy their cravings for metal and speed.

What. The. Fark. Is. BING. (Can anyone please address the idiocy that Microsoft is actually MARKETING a search engine that thinks for you, ‘A La’ Big Government?) The beauty of the Internet is our ability to Google and pick from the best. Yes, each search engine will pick the appropriate, but flat out marketing that Microsoft is suddenly revolutionary for the fact that it’s taken the brain out of the fingers on the keyboard? (Especially in a time of great ‘big brother’ distrust?) -Epic, Epic Fail, Kiddos. Do me a favor: Visit (www.bing.com) Does it not look like you’re going to the templated website of a small company with a minimal design skills? A stock photo background with extremely difficult print to read? (Small, White, Awful.) What does Bing do well? You get instant video. (It’s picturesque icons- only in video form. Pretty to the brainless- idiotic to those that actually CARE about technology.) Try asking Bing a question: Giggle at it’s ‘brainpower.’

We settled for General Motor’s flatulence labeled as cars for the mirror fact that it was an ‘Industry Standard.’ The best part about Technology? There is no, nor- should be no INDUSTRY STANDARD. If we are doing it correctly? We’re always moving at an angle and not just forwards. There’s too much left to explore, to offer and to excel at. Microsoft is merely trifecta-ing the fail.

Will we end up bailing out Bill Gate’s dying brand (and Ballmer’s pisspoor leadership,) with it’s kitschy, short-term fragmented thoughts as ‘applications?’

Why is Google making it? -Simplicity. Why are Smartcars, or newer brands doing great? Innovation. If you market your product to the ignorant, (the few that are happy with the ‘upfront glitz’ of having color and stock photos at their fingertips instead of reliable and easy to navigate choices? You fail. Actually, you fail over and over again.

I’m going to start calling “Bing!” (Bling.) It’s rhinestone’s masquerading as diamonds in an already shining world. Why they chose this project just to ‘one-up’ their playground nemesis, (Google,) is beyond me. Childhood pranks, at best.