Someday, when the history of this revolution is written, I hope I can learn the names of these people. These aren’t soldiers dying. These aren’t criminals, maniacs, villains or bad people dying. These are children. 


1:26 PM ET — Attacking the defenseless. What is so shocking about many of these videos is that the armed police are willing to attack completely defenseless bystanders. Thisvideo posted on Facebook, (NSFW) apparently from the university in Shiraz, shows police not in any immediate danger walking up to veiled women who are leaning against a fence and raising their batons above their heads, threatening them, and then occasionally striking them. It is pure brutality. (Huffington Post)

Essential Twitter Follows Note: Also as a heads up, several of these people are MIA. Example, one on the list posted that (paraphrasing) “It’s worth the risk, we’re going to the protests, we’ll tweet when we get back” and hasn’t been heard from in 20+ hrs. Another one was injured and hasn’t been heard from since he left to seek medical attention.


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