There’s quite a fervur on the internet, isn’t there? You can google, “I hate Kate Gosselin” and I think more sites come up than for “what do I do with myself while I am battling mono.”

I started getting sick on Weds. night and by Thursday I noticed that my neck was a reconstruction of the New York Skyline. The temperature came Thursday evening, and Friday and Saturday morning I was in the hospital. It’s been a rough couple days, (mainly because my main squeeze- toddler bug, is at her grandparents and I am missing her popping onto my bed in the mornings and telling me to fetch her a banana or that she went ‘on the big girl potty!’) If this is what life will be like when she grows up? I’ll be bored and depressed. I miss her smile the most right now. (Today’s a good day, I’ve only called about 4 times to hear her tell me that she’s ‘busy’ and ‘can’t talk right now!”) I have amazing friends and sympathetic parents, I just wish percocet came in other flavors besides, “spinning head and gurgling tummy.”  I’d also kill for a milkshake.
Which leads me to telling you: I have a quiet house, but no energy or drive to leave my bed. (Mono is awful, I tell you.) You probably noticed the insane CDC article on my last blog and to keep me amused, I’ve googled something and constructed a thesis-worthy web of notes, websites and articles. Dude, I’m bored and can’t eat solid foods… what else is a girl to do? (Do they deliver milkshakes?)

Here’s my theory about Kate Gosselin and her hair. I think she was secretly born with testicles on top of her head. So- she got the white trash/’po dunk haircut to mask the manbits in which she beats her poor, mute, husband Jon into compliance. Kate is like the crazy lady with the broken bottle at the bar- you just do not mess. It’s like- poorly placed ‘fat girl syndrome.’ (You know what I’m talking about.) Every girl in college, (albeit the larger softball girls, or the hockey chicks, were scary and bitchy.) My male counterparts and I often brought up the alpha-weight comments when we re-told our high school or college memories. It’s overcompensating the attitude to match the pants size. We’ve all heard that she no longer speaks to her father because his parishioners, (he’s a religious layman,) donated un-matching cribs and she threw a fit.

(Dude: A lot of people -hate- this woman.) See Here, and Here, and well… here

I’ve never liked Jon&KatePlus8. She’s getting higher on everyone’s ‘fallen heros’ lists faster than anyone I’ve ever heard of. I never really cared that they whored out their kiddos, or that Kate slapped Jon on the air or left her 3 year old puking in the laundry room while she went to scream at her husband.. (for like an hour?) I was smart enough to know she didn’t write her own book, she’s crazy, she has a terrible entitlement complexand she makes me want to kick mono’s ass, because I want to see my Ava. Even former interviewers are coming out and talking about her behavior. (Which I can’t decide is like stepping on the gravy/publicity train or they are genuinely concerned about the kids?) Who knows, right?

“Kate Gosselin said she feels society has a responsibility to help with the children, since modern medicine promotes the use of fertility drugs, which can lead to multiple births,” the AP reported.

There have been a compiling amount of people coming out of the woodwork, even from 2005 who wanted to discuss their view’s of the Gosselin’s attitudes towards handouts and “begging for charity.” I think it’s interesting that they haven’t ‘given back’ to any of the churches who supported them for the first couple years and still went out and charged ‘love offerings’ for other churches they ‘spoke at.’ (Dude, what is this ‘love offering’ stuff, and may I come speak about my NYC skyline neck?) The list of the free stuff.

I think Al Walalentis says it best:

 ”It’s one thing to have a reality show where a ball-busting scold — who “felt very ugly toward the fans”– and her unemployed mate try to deal with the bracing consequences of gobbling too many fertility drugs. It’s quite another where the kids are 5 and off to school, a gourmet chef and personal assistant tend to your every need, you travel the country on TLC’s dime, you drive a fancy Nissan Nismo when you’re not hauling around the brood in that 15-passenger van, a sign outside your million-dollar home warns “KEEP AWAY,” and, certainly not least, you pocket $75,000 per episode. And that’s not counting book deals, “motivational speeches,” and other perks and personal appearances.”

(Full Article Here)

Sure, it’s juicy and it makes for great reading when I’m trying to forget my throat is closing and my daughter’s footsteps are not coming up the stairs- but it’s most of all? It’s beyond tragic. There are six kids who are now stuck in the clutches of a firestorm of epic proportions. They are just the scenery to the backdrop of a show we’re still watching, (because the ratings are high enough that it’s still on the air.) People are pre-ordering this greedy woman’s books, (I’m not linking because we know she didn’t write them,) and we’re all still sitting and scratching our heads to how it could have gotten to this level. Remember Nadya Suleman? The unemployed woman who decided to go in for more fertility treatments? (Did you know Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin were unemployed and on State and Federal aid when their 2nd set of multiples were born?) The state paid for nurses to come to their house- … exactly what happened with Nadya Suleman. The only difference is -timing, and the fact that Kate was married. Both were equally irresponsible in my eyes.

Note: I like the picture in the article below because it looks as though the legs of the little, orange chairs are flames, (shuddup! It’s not the percocet… I swear!) And Jon and Kate are just looking down and watching their children roast. Powerful imagery, no?) Poor Kids.